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[英文] 【最终幻想VIII】-Eyes On Me-

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eyes on me

whenever sang my songs.每次唱自己的歌
on the stage,on my own!独自在舞台上
whenever said my words.道出心声
wishing they would be heard.希望有人聆听
i saw you smiling at me.看见你对我微笑
was it real or just my fantasy?真的吗?亦或只是我的幻想?
you'd always be there in the corner.你总待在角落里
of this tiny little bar.在这个小酒吧中
my last night here for you.最后在此为你待一个晚上
samg old songs,just once more.最后唱一遍相同的老歌
my last night here with you?这是与你在一起的最后一晚吗?
maybe yes,maybe no.也许,是也许不是.
i kind of liked it your way.我有些喜欢你注视我的方式
how you shyly placed ur eyes on me.害羞地凝视着我
oh,did you ever know?哦,你可知道
that i had mine on you.我也在注视着你
darling,so there you are.达令,你就在那儿
with that look on your face.脸上的表情
as if you're never hurt.好象从未受过伤害
as if you're never down.从未失败
shall i be the one for you?我可以是哪个人吗?
who pinches you softly but sure.那个温柔而坚定地拧你一下的人
if frown is shown then.如果你皱眉
i'll know that you're on dreamer.我会知道你不是在梦游
so let me come to you.让我靠近你
close as i wanted to be近到我满意
close enough for me.近到我
to feel your heart beating fast.能听见你的心跳加速
and stay there as i whisper.我停靠在那儿悄声诉说
how i love you peaceful eyes on me.多么喜欢你凝视我的宁静的双眼
did you ever know.哦,你可知道
that i had mine on you.我也在注视着你
darling,so share with me.爱人,如果你的爱够深
your love if you have enough.和我分享吧
ur tests if you're holding back.强忍住的泪水和痛苦
or pain if that's what it is.也让我分担
how can i let you know.怎样让你知道
i'm more than the dress the voice.我不仅是这样的音容笑貌.
just reach me out then.伸手碰一下我
you'll know that you're not dreaming.便会知道你不是在做梦

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